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Help your business increase rewards and unlock insights.

Self Service BI (SSBI) lets anyone analyze and visualize data.

CIOs are experiencing more and more pressure to empower business users with access to corporate data in real time. Self Service BI allows line of business users to build models, assess a crisis, and evaluate a new product or line of business.

When scoping a Self Service solution, organizations should build SSBI with a standardized, supplied and supported individual user tool set that is deeply integrated with server infrastructure. This infrastructure not only encourages user collaboration and offers high performance, but also permits monitoring and usage tracking that can lead to candidacy and promotion of popular models. In progressive organizations that understands SSBI as the organic evolution of organizational BI,  IT delivers and empowers users across an organization to drive model promotion.

This is the exciting opportunity to bridge the chasm between enterprise and individual BI.

Microsoft releases Power BI, helping bring your data to life

Power BI is changing the face of the Self-Service BI landscape:

Power BI is Secure – The infrastructure security of Power BI is based on the various and comprehensive security policies and procedures that protect Azure data centers. Power BI also uses Azure Active Directory (AAD) to authenticate users who login to the Power BI service, and in turn, uses the Power BI login credentials whenever a user attempt to resources that require authentication.

Both an On-Premise and Cloud Solution –Power BI lets you decide the best place for collaboration, whether you publish to the cloud at or on-premise to a Pyramid Analytics server. Both collaboration platforms let you distribute your work while your data and insights are appropriately secured and governed.

Power BI is free for users to to manage 1 GB of compressed data.  There are other factors and limitations that won’t affect casual data analysts with moderate needs. For about $10/month, users can collaborate with team members, manage and integrate larger sets of data.

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